LOVE Yourself First! Vlog #2

LOVE yourself first!

I have been learning what that means for me and practicing implementing loving myself first all over my life.

I developed this concept for myself after combining all of the information I had gathered about my complex conditions and really boiled it down with some solid ocd overthinking- and unlimited access to the internet to read all about pain science and really study how to speed up the process of this getting better business.

Mama wants my body back!

I want to be able to pursue my career dreams; as uninhibited by this central nervous system disorder as I can.

I have the advantage of my age to reverse whatever is happening and I believe I still have time to get healthy before I am struggling with a full time condition. I am advocating for early intervention harm reduction for myself and for my body!

I know how precious health is both mental and physical, I always have known, I watched family members struggle with cancers, and grief, addictions and traumas of their own my whole life.

I learned through every circumstance that I have faced there are a few first steps that make the rest of the journey easier… like pre-requisites!

First is having gratitude for the journey that brought you to the present moment, acknowledging and really digging deep to find it for all aspects of your past.

Then finding gratitude for your resiliency- finding love for your grit; light in your darkness, getting your power back and gaining strength and motivation to grow further, dig deeper.

Then learning how to unconditionally love yourself, all of who you authentically are; with no filters or masks. Learn to dance within the shadows and bask in the sun.

If you LOVE yourself first you get one step closer to the rejuvenation of your cells… that’s the name of my game. It starts with self-love on this really high trauma informed level; it ends with my sensitization reducing with practice.

My full time job has been literally LOVING MYSELF FIRST, by learning and practicing things that heal my body while I wait.

I am overwhelmed with the network that I have created now. LOVEyourself first is the mindset that created the network of help I have access to now.

I’m so excited to continue to keep sharing my journey! Thank you for all of your support!

Happy Friday!


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