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Sure, Let’s talk. Let’s talk about the stigma!

I have been experiencing it first hand since I was deemed disabled and unable to return to work. Stigma navigation is probably one of the most challenging aspects to healing outside of the actual healing part, and stigma is literally everywhere because hurt people hurt people! My condition has been diagnosed as Centralized Sensitization Syndrome … Continue reading Sure, Let’s talk. Let’s talk about the stigma!

What it takes to survive chronic illness and turn it into post traumatic growth.

As I wait for the answer to the results of the meeting that determines if the medical care and treatment that was previously approved just in December is “still” approved and available to me I pick up the pieces of myself that are devastated that I am still having to beg for help from my … Continue reading What it takes to survive chronic illness and turn it into post traumatic growth.

Pieces of me.

I keep finding these amazing beautiful pieces of myself pieces that I have always kept a little hidden in the shadows because I was told over and over in my life that I was too much. I have been patiently working on myself and learning that being authentically me is the only way to bring … Continue reading Pieces of me.

Are you taking your medicine?

People that I love screamed it at me “you need medication”. They voiced their personal opinions and shoulds that I should, in their opinions, adopt largely because they said so and not derived from anything except their personal opinion… relevant or not. All while I was physically and emotionally slapping against the rockiest bottom that … Continue reading Are you taking your medicine?

Establish a Routine.

Establish a routine as an act of self love! A routine that goes beyond the food and shelter necessities of life and extends into the purposeful use of creating whatever you desire for your life. For me, I wanted chronic wellness but I was “too busy”. Most people stop at busy and just live there. … Continue reading Establish a Routine.

Start Here.

You need to make a choice first and foremost. Do you want to change? Or do you want to stay the same? Uncertainty breeds anxiety and anxiety creates fear that isn’t helpful. Make a choice. Do you want to really live? Or… Do you want to breed anxiety and CREATE fear in yourself until you … Continue reading Start Here.


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