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Structural Damage

When the system itself is harmful, and you need access to the system for medical care we have to endure structural damage.

Consumed By Fear

People have been living in fear for years now, and fear based decision making is the literal path to the underlying condition of self destruction. For anyone who hasn’t done their own work on fear based decision making… Fear will the most common motivating factor right now because it has been cursing through us for … Continue reading Consumed By Fear

Safety is a Commodity.

Safety is a precious commodity that very few have the means to hold. Safety is not something that should be sold like a commodity, but it is, just like everything else. How much safety do you buy? Insurances of any kind, equipment, safety services? It’s a huge market, because it is a basic human need. … Continue reading Safety is a Commodity.


An interesting thing happens when you begin to become aware of what is actually occurring in your current life is because your perceptions are skewed from gaslighting. It’s a very powerful acknowledgment. Once you became aware of it you begin to find it everywhere. That’s the backhand of awareness, you can’t un-find what you’ve already … Continue reading Gaslighting

Healing Triggers Others.

I am learning to cognitively re-master my trauma responses, and that triggers others. I am actively working on the regulation of my whole body while I am triggered or in a heightened response state, and that triggers others. I’m working with my sensitivities, and learning how to create safety where I used to feel unsafe, … Continue reading Healing Triggers Others.

Finding Authenticity

Finding authenticity has been a golden thread through my healing journey, and in my opinion it is part of the work. Authenticity for the experience of my journey to whole body wellness is what I decided that this blogging adventure is all about for me. It is about me having the freedom to share, and … Continue reading Finding Authenticity

Love Does Not Isolate.

Love does not isolate, it does not judge, it does not discriminate and it certainly doesn’t stigmatize. Love does not attack and abandon. Love does not allow someone to suffer alone. Love does not create obstacles to itself, it is people who create obstacles to love. Love is a thousand choices that we make. Love … Continue reading Love Does Not Isolate.


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