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Mind the gap.

There is no easy way around it. There will be a gap. The gap between where you are and where you want to be. The gap between who you are and who you want to be. I had a few pretty good ideas about how I didn’t want my life to look, including what was … Continue reading Mind the gap.

Pause for Gratitude.

I want to take a moment right here, at the end of my hormonal cycle that has been the longest and most challenging one yet… and say that I am so grateful for everything that I have done for myself so far. As I prepare to share my adventure forward, and prepare to share the … Continue reading Pause for Gratitude.

Unconditional Love

I was always under the impression that Love needed to somehow be earned in the same way that someone earns your respect. There was some aspect of the notion of what humans call love that simply did not make sense to me for a long time… and what I realized is that what I had … Continue reading Unconditional Love

Anxiety vs Me.

My first experience with what I know now as a panic attack was when I was overwhelmed emotionally when I received a phone call about my boyfriend being unfaithful. The second was the day that my brother died by suicide, this one was obviously more intense, and amplified even further by the fact that I … Continue reading Anxiety vs Me.

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