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Dear Trauma,

Dear Trauma, It’s not you, it’s me. I’m asking you to leave. I could sit here and list all of the reasons why our relationship is abusive, but that would be a waste of my breath and your time. We have both known for a long time that this day is coming, and it is … Continue reading Dear Trauma,

LOVE Yourself First! Vlog #2

LOVE yourself first! I have been learning what that means for me and practicing implementing loving myself first all over my life. I developed this concept for myself after combining all of the information I had gathered about my complex conditions and really boiled it down with some solid ocd overthinking- and unlimited access to … Continue reading LOVE Yourself First! Vlog #2

Welcome to the Shitshow!

***this contains videos that are unedited of me experiencing and processing my medical journey. There is trauma in my medical journey. Trauma makes you feel unsafe:specific things happen to your brain when you don’t feel safe… and then if your brain has ever had “practice” not feeling safe (ie:prolonged, or unanswered trauma) your brain remembers … Continue reading Welcome to the Shitshow!

Self-Care- We Suck At It!

That’s fine. But what is it? There are quotes and even definitions about self-care that skirt around exactly what it is, because to define it wholly would be impossible I think, and frankly people just aren’t really aware of what is good for them anymore. Who can blame them? There is no clear definition for … Continue reading Self-Care- We Suck At It!

Shame on me!

If there is any hint of imperfection while I stare my trauma in the face, shame on me. It doesn’t matter that my life feels like it is in the balance, shame on me for showing emotion in my trepidation. It doesn’t matter that I literally have to help the medical system help me- so … Continue reading Shame on me!

Amazingly Human.

I’m Human; amazingly Human. I’m a wild juxtaposition of emotions and feelings. vulnerability and courage love and hate fear and abundance strength and weakness chaos and calm I’m Human; amazingly Human. I choose to feel it all, in balance and on purpose. I’m Human; amazingly Human. I harness vulnerability and create courage. I embrace love … Continue reading Amazingly Human.

The Death of Growth.

Excuses. I have some really complex ones that I have created for myself. I have built them up over time. They are a complex system of reasons why I should or shouldn’t succumb to urges for the sake of my comfort, and at the expense of my growth. Excuses. The one thing that I know … Continue reading The Death of Growth.

Mind the gap.

There is no easy way around it. There will be a gap. The gap between where you are and where you want to be. The gap between who you are and who you want to be. I had a few pretty good ideas about how I didn’t want my life to look, including what was … Continue reading Mind the gap.


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