What is Post Traumatic Growth?

The worlds’ population is unfortunately now experiencing what it is like to be in a consistent state of trauma, chaos and structural obstacles where they didn’t exist before.

Trauma is the true gateway to literally every choice we make. Many of us are making choices for ourselves based on old outdated information and ideas given to us by other people. Or there are also limits that we have created for ourselves out of traumatic experiences we have had.

The ways in which people have been limited and restricted in their lives as a result of covid or any other fear, produce the same feelings of isolation and abandonment grief and guilt or shame that all coincide with being chronically ill.

Navigating emotional growth is one of those things that isn’t typically taken very seriously by anyone; until it is part of saving themselves.

It is often a medical scare or some other form of near-miss or trauma that finally wakes a person up.

That’s how the story goes for me, and the majority of people that I talk to, and read about that have begun “the work”.

In the past, I had created amazing ways to manage my life and ensure that many things could happen simultaneously. Chaos of life; organized to “perfection”.

Looking back over the last few years of my life, and having made significant progress with “the work” … I can say with absolute confidence that my journey from trauma to post traumatic growth is worth every ounce of energy and effort it required.

There are many times where my trauma brain tried to convince me that I wasn’t worth the effort, and that I now know, is also part of the journey.

It’s being able to move through what used to take you down at the knees, that is post traumatic growth.

Anything that you are doing that helps is progress, and any progress at all contributes to post traumatic growth.

There is no room for self sabotage in post traumatic growth, old habits become used to’s and we learn to take comfort in newer healthier things that nourish our needs now, in this moment.

That is post traumatic growth.

I am here for it!

-B. 💋

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