Don’t get caught with your masks off!

Of course I am talking about the masks that we wear.

You know the ones.

The ones that hide the truth about what makes you who you are.

We wear them out of fear.

Fear of judgment. Fear of isolation for being unique. Fear of discrimination. Fear of abuse. Fear of processing challenging emotions. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of awareness.

Fear… every human has a unique blend of it that they subconsciously allow to manipulate their intended outcomes.

We wear invisible masks to avoid facing our fears. Masks that are so well hidden that they become personality traits and isms that we develop to cope with wearing the masks in the first place! (Tricky!!)

Fear based decision making and reactions are a problem within the human experience. When we move through life unconscious of how our fear based actions and behaviours are contributing to our outcomes we are truly letting our natural conditioning guide us.

If we are both unaware and undisciplined in our response behaviours we find ourselves suffering with central nervous system based symptoms like anxiety (over load of the CNS), depression (fear based/living in the past/ unable to imagine a bright future for yourself). As well as every auto immune disregulation process under the autoimmune umbrella that is not from a structural abnormality. Ie: pcos, ibs, chronic inflammation, adrenal problems like cushing syndrome, gut issues, brain fog, loss of motivation to name a few. Then we get stuck not being able to understand why, and not being able to break the patterns. All because they are outside of your awareness, and stuck inside a layer of masked behaviours and isms that we’ve created to survive or perhaps even thrive.

It isn’t until we finally take off all of the masks and look at why we wear them in the first place that they can give us the knowledge we seek so desperately to understand. 🙌🏼 it is HERE where you come to find your answers.

All of those quotes about the answers being within you… THIS is what THAT means!! 😘

The healing begins when you take off the mask and find your awareness of why you put that mask on in the first place.

Once you do that you can decide if you like that mask for any reasons that truly serve you, take the wisdom; but leave the mask!

We all have this looming anxiety about the vulnerability of being unmasked, for others being able to detect our flaws if we admit to having them.

Society teaches us not to get caught with our masks off; and conditions is with the fears of being different, or seen as different. We often endure some form of punishment that keeps us masked and hidden and “in line”.

If we do manage uniqueness and authenticity we risk being singled out as different.

Fear of being yourself ought not be a condition that you love or live by, in my opinion.

You are perfect, just the way you are. Show the world your authentic unmasked self.

The more I get caught with my masks off and embrace the vulnerability, the more authentic and meaningful my interactions with others become. We make deeper connections because of the vulnerability and awareness present when people are authentic.

Don’t let society, or even fear keep you with those masks on… take them off one at a time and at your own pace.

You deserve the joy of being your authentic unmasked self.

Go get caught without your masks on… and see what awareness can really do for you.


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