7 things I do differently now.

I want to live… like really live… no matter what my circumstances are; I want to feel alive! This path to post traumatic growth has me feeling excited and alive!

I had to create ways that I could live with the things that are chronic for me, so that I can have those feelings of being alive within my journey.

There are many “extra” things that I must do to promote the rejuvenation advantage for my whole body. Even after releasing the old traumas… there are years of damaged neuropathways to restore and keeping on top of my routines helps heal my cells faster.

Things that other people don’t typically take the time to even consider. Like the specific fabrics that I can handle on my sensitive skin, or the “me-isms” I have had to navigate through, and heal the trauma pieces.

I required more steps to meet the baseline of “normal” in many areas of my life. Sometimes my conditions force symptoms that are unwelcome and overwhelming.

You can not see my disability, but I promise you it is there, creating obstacles and additional considerations for me to make.

The perspective I decided to take is that Each time my disability creates an obstacle, it also creates an opportunity, or many, depending on what learning comes as a result of the obstacle.

I had to learn about what cultivating motivation in the face of failure really meant. And then practice it in real time; over and over and over. Often failing, sometimes catching a break!

I did that because I was pushed to; and because I had truly had the desire to be better fused together.

I found out that I was clueless, emotionally illiterate. I had always assumed that the self care I needed were the things that we purchased to take care of our bodies and how we feel (about them).

I had confused self care with consuming cosmetic products/ services.

The way I was thinking, the way I was consuming, and the thought patterns and addictive thought loops and very cleaver coping strategies I had created were all adding and compounding the impact of this lived experience, that I couldn’t seem to shake.

Depression and severe anxiety, chronic eating disorder, emotional self-sabotage were featured as obstacles on my journey. Those cycles help to foster the complex PTSD, chronic pain, medical trauma rumination stigmatization trauma and all of the cognitive implications of the above mentioned and then some!

I had to create determination in chronic fatigue, chronic pain and then try to cultivate motivation from it, through chronic severe anxiety, depression, battling with my body and my brain the whole entire journey.

I was determined to find a way to figure it all out and co-exist with this “thing” that attempts to high-jack my life at every opportunity.

It took a long time, and it consumed energy that I would have loved to spend elsewhere… so I wanted to share my favourite 7 changes I made to my life, to accommodate my new needs.

1. Mindset work: honestly, I had to make serious adaptations to my mindset. This work is truly important. Without an adapted mindfulness people remain in the beliefs that other people have given them, and never facilitate creating their own. You can not change what you are not aware of! Do your mindset work, if nothing else; seriously. Science is screaming that mindset matters! You are what you think… your thoughts create your reality. Etc.

2. Gratitude. Yep. I know. Any time literally any time I used to come across a new helping person they would say practice gratitude…

But seriously, do it!

I needed the why behind this one; and there are many! So many neurological and physical/ mental health reasons to practice gratitude. What I have noticed is that practicing gratitude helps me feel safe with what I have, and gives me the gift of feeling abundant in the present moment. When I practice gratitude I am grateful for right now, and everything is in perspective.

3. Move your body! Every single day. I walk 10,000 steps for my BRAIN every single day. I do it to keep the inflammation that causes depression off of my brain. I do it because I have been practicing it for so long that it is my routine. My body craves that energy boost, that brain rejuvenation time. The time to inhale fresh air and clear my thoughts and stresses. It is a release, and I love that my body craves it now!

4. Find a SAFE trauma informed person to help you navigate your stuff and move into the present moment. A coach, a counsellor, a trauma-informed friend. **often times your close family and friends will have a hard time understanding… it is a good idea to get a professionals advice*** this is a very hard truth that I learned some hard lessons with. It is a good idea to speak to someone who has sufficient trauma training.

5. Consumption/ Action ratio: how much of your time are you spending consuming, and then complaining that you aren’t enjoying the life that you ought to have? Daydreaming about one thing while time wasting and not taking action, that is self sabotage. This was a problem for me while I was stuck in limbo playing the waiting game with the medical system.

6. Routine: a healthy life has a routine, and baselines that are intended to be met to achieve the routine. This includes everything from food, sleep, stress cycles, vitamins routines that you have, when you have time for you, traditions or rituals that you keep. Truth be told; when I find myself in chaos, it is typically accompanied by being out of routine. Find your groove, make it a routine, repeat!

7. Consistency is key. Take everything in the first 6 steps and apply them to your daily life. With as much consistency as you can cultivate for yourself. It takes willpower and determination to achieve consistency… but consistency builds results. Watch a weightlifter; they use routine and consistency to get stronger faster.

They seem like simple things; and as principles they are. It is when you put them into practice collectively you can impact your life in a dramatic way.

If you are a beginner start with #1. Go find some mindfulness for beginners stuff online and give yourself a week… 15 minutes a day, for one week; and see what you learn about yourself!

-B. 💋

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