Establish yourself as the CEO of your Life.

Seriously, who else would you want making every little decision about your life?

It seems simple, right?

It should be you, obviously.

So why then do we often forget that we are capable, and unique, that we ought to be the CEO of our own lives?

It’s easy to get lost in the emotions when you are the one putting in the labour of love and doing the work on top of your daily grind, whatever that looks like for you; right now it is exhausting.

Many people choose to just ignore themselves and how they are feeling until they can’t ignore it any longer.

Been there.

Truth be told we all have work to do; some more than others. I had more than most, and I’m far from finished my journey but I’m here showing up as CEO for myself every single day!

As a reminder, Perfection simply isn’t attainable, it is a delusion; even as CEO of your life. Perfection mindset and the addiction to it is very unhealthy.

It’s hard work, and it is all in service to yourself and your personalized journey.

However it is easier to understand the emotions, and their places when you take a higher perspective, and act as the CEO of your life.

If you are an adult, and you haven’t looked into doing what is being called “re-parenting” yourself, you could be leaving huge decisions that belong to YOU inadvertently in the hands of other people or even systems. It is a process by which you establish your values as they serve your life, and shed the beliefs and expectations of others.

The ones you want to shed are called limiting beliefs.

Once you have established a limiting belief for yourself you can then start to look at it as though you are the CEO of your life.

Meaning , that if you weren’t feeling restricted by being the person inside of the “grind”, how would you solve it in your best interest?

From this CEO perspective, you might be able to see things you may have been missing.

Elaborate coping patterns are noticed, and then can be handled when taking on this leadership role for yourself.

All of a sudden, you have the freedom of a few more choices that you weren’t open to before.

Naturally, you will be responsible for whatever comes of your actions; good or bad.

It can take on a snowball affect if you really want to start taking your CEO role in your own life more seriously.

All because of perspective.

Without this CEO perspective people experiencing stress tend to do things that they know are bad for them, with all kinds of reasons as to why. Why they can’t stop or start something; or why they can’t maintain something.

It was surprising to me, it is usually because of something someone else did or said. Or because it goes against what else expected.

Think about that.

So it is just their own perspective holding them back.

The beautiful thing about being the CEO of your own life is that you get to practice being in that role right away. Staring with the small things, practice with this one comes quick once you get it! Like a training period for a career… as the CEO of your own life! 😘

When you embrace the CEO role in your own life you are then in charge of making all of the decisions for yourself, in whatever way you choose.

That FEELS powerful, because it is powerful.

What we don’t realize is that when we make these decisions based on old information- we are propelling ourselves into the past. How counter productive; we can only live in the present!

If you decide to act from a place of “old news”- you are probably not encapsulating the lessons you would have from the knowledge of making your information current. A CEO always maintains the most up to date information to make decisions with.

Many times in life we will face challenges and obstacles beyond our current scope of practice, this pushes us to grow and learn.

Like any good CEO you accept challenges and make the best of what you have with the resources available to you.

If you fall short, it is you who has to plan to make up the difference, and follow through if you want to succeed.


It falls on you as the CEO, it is your responsibility.

That is what being in charge looks like.

This is what practicing taking your power back is!

Simply BE the CEO of your own life.


Some of the many days that I have practiced being the CEO of my own life over the past two years. Overcoming and learning as I go… slow and steady! -B.💋

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