I think it is typically noticed and understood later in life for most people, the shiftstorm or I could be naive.

The storm of emotions that pulse through us and create physical and emotional obstacles for us all to overcome and evolve through. This shift from being seen as someone who is capable to someone who is not- either on a physical or emotional level. Followed by the desire to fight for some semblances of grace in the space in between what you are calling your “new normal” while you try to calm the shiftstorm that is currently your life.

I have seen it in older generations when something circumstantial happens and they are forced into a shiftstorm due to a fall or something like having their drivers license taken away. This shift is life altering and adds a layer of needing to rely on support where you used to be completely independent. This is a devastating process for many as it is both a physical and emotional adjustment. It certainly had significant impacts on me that gave me reason to use the term shiftstorm quite literally. Being deemed disabled took me out at the knees; it initiated my shiftstorm my season of change.

Not only have I weathered many shiftstorms of my own, for my own personal life, but I used to partner a small business that catered to this specific need. I have looked at this type of life shiftstorm from many angles for the purposes of finding ways to make this kind of shift easier and more comfortable for people.

A hard lesson for me was that the world doesn’t do that shit; the systems that people need to access don’t care about ease of use, or the abuse the system creates.

No one is out here trying to make chronic illness or mental wellness more comfortable for people. No one is offering customized support for basic human needs, many of them offer isolation and abandonment in colourful ways. I had hurricane sized shiftstorm over this, this one hit me hard over and over trying to access what I needed. There were many more lessons in this shiftstorm, and I welcomed them all.

I’ve been the helping hand, and the creator of calm for people particularly when chaos is their normal. It’s one of my specialties; calmer of chaos and shift storm navigator.

I’m a weathered chaos calmer; I’ve embraced many shiftstorms, been knocked down and found ways to get back up.

I’ve worked with vulnerable people my whole life, advocating for people in the most trying and vulnerable times of their lives. Listening to frustrations that no one else takes the time to even acknowledge; because I’ve been unheard and unseen and I know how painful it is.

I hold space for the shiftstorms that people need to navigate; creating and encouraging growth. I’ve done this as my career in many different forms.

I help people, that is what I do. I have an ultra soft spot for vulnerable humans because I know what it is like to be unseen and unheard in the face of the changes you need to make to initiate it all.

I have a way of bringing calm to any shift-storm. I have dedicated years of my life to learning how to thrive during a shiftstorm because my life has been a consistent weather pattern.

I’ve spent my entire life adapting and learning ways to live in abundance in each moment and honour myself as who I wish to become. I’ve weathered this storm over and over; now I have the advantage of navigation tools.

The shift is what happens in the moments when you are courageous enough to embrace the vulnerability of the changes that need to be made as we adapt through our individual lives.

It’s in those moments that when you aren’t sure how, you just know it will all be okay as long as you stay true to the intentions you laid out. That’s what I told myself anyhow and I was either right, or found myself in another lesson… Touché universe; touché.

There is typically a calm before any storm if you take notice. The shiftstorm is no exception. Practice taking notice of it, and using this time wisely to ground yourself in gratitude and abundance; this is the battening of the hatches for the shiftstorm.

It’s in those pivotal moments where there are decisions to make, and you need to make them without insurances or the benefit of precedent; when you are the way-finder; That is the work that creates a shiftstorm of change!

The changes that are created from the conscious decision to help yourself move forward creates this palpable energy; it’s like the energetically filled air before a thunder storm.

Welcome to your shiftstorm. It’s beautiful chaos that brings positive changes. Ground yourself with gratitude and abundance; and allow the resistance to dissolve especially in the eye of the storm…. breathe.

It’s important to note that if you are in the middle of a shiftstorm; big or small..: pause and breathe.

Take as much time as you need to clear your mind and find your intentions amongst the noise, and then move forward a little tiny bit every single day and the shiftstorm will pass.

This is also where so many people give up because of fears about the very change they are trying to make.

It is where the brain tries to resist changes, and the resistance it creates the chemical compound of the emotion of fear pulsing through your adrenals keeps you scared; and gives you even more resistance to changing which is really not helpful when one is trying to make multiple significant changes.

The real secret is that you will never be satisfied going backwards once you have decided to know better, learn forward.

That is really when the shift hits the fan. When you try to “go back” after you have already moved forward.

It might not seem like it, but you have more control over the shiftstorm than you might think, your thoughts create your feelings after all.

You have the strength to weather any shiftstorm.

I promise you this it is going to take determination and intention with consistency… it is hard but one day at a time makes it all possible.

If I can do this all while I am up against CPTSD, I believe that anyone can do this stuff.

The path to Post Traumatic Growth is a bit shiftstormy, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. These little shifts I’ve been making have been adding up to lasting changes.

Stay well, love yourself first!

I’m excited to share some of the shiftstorm moments I have been collecting during the course of my wellness journey. Exciting things are on the horizon…

I am in love with my journey to Post Traumatic Growth so far!


One thought on “Shiftstorm

  1. Bless you for sharing your warrior song. The walk is always long and full when we embrace the gratitude and abundance along the way. The journey of life is a miracle we all can experience if we are vulnerable and brave. XoXo


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