Genetically Modified by Trauma.

It sounds a little off-putting, and it should, because it is and the worst part is that it is true.

This is a truth that we all have a difficult time accepting. We are all modified by lived our lives experiences, both good and bad and this does affect us on a genetic level. It affects our health and our overall wellness, cognitive functioning capacity… just your whole existence! It’s a big flipping deal!

If our lived experiences are mostly healthy our cells will have the ability to function properly.

But… If our lives experiences are riddled with trauma and adversity and left untouched it creates larger issues for people.

Unhealed Trauma and unprocessed emotions are energies that get trapped, and become stagnant. The chaos of it all closes down cells, and stops the regeneration of the cells; creating physical and mental health ailments.

How we experience the world has an impact on how our bodies regulate themselves, and what regulation is required, this information is given to us by the people that raised us. Then we don’t typically do anything with this information until we find ourselves in a pickle.

If you were taught that there wasn’t emotional comfort available, you may have been led to believe that it isn’t even possible in places where it is possible and even probably to create a healthy emotional connection.

This is all missed because of a belief that someone else gave you about the possibilities of your emotional expansion due to their own lack of emotional intelligence. You don’t know what you don’t know is what my coach says.

This belief that you create about the “impossibility” of anything being different than it was for you is quite limiting.

Quite frankly, it is probably sucking the life right out of your life.

You are just telling yourself that you “can’t”because you don’t want to learn something new. Or you are scared. That’s the truth of it.

Can you see the cycles that we keep ourselves in just because the people that raise us didn’t know any better?

It’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility to educate yourself beyond what your parents believed to be true. Reparenting yourself is the gateway to emotional adulthood, and if you haven’t done this work, you are probably missing opportunities to connect with people in meaningful ways… or feeling depressed, anxious or lonely. All of these emotional circumstances pile on and add stress to your body.

We as humans don’t learn our way out of an established habit, unless we have really good reason to. My reason was not wanting to live in my bed from this chronic pain / central nervous system condition I am facing- I want to be present for my children and husband, not from my bed.

The habits and things that we do for our existence every single day matter to your long term health. I’ve been learning and breaking cycles for years now.

Over time our cells change, for better or for worse. It is biology. But we can impact our cellular structures by changing our daily habits. You can remove trauma from running in the background of your body and then shift to a healthier state on a cellular level, which obviously translates to a healthier mind and body.

So, at the beginning of my journey with my naturopathic doctor we did some testing to give her the information she needs to help me best. We did two forms of testing, one lifestyle genetics, and one adrenal functions test.

Both show damage from stress hormones and the combination of medical issues I have encountered.

Both show that I am genetically modified by the combined affects of trauma as well as the circumstances derived from the coping mechanisms I used to get myself through stress.

My body has been genetically modified by trauma, and it is my job to regenerate my way back to health with my daily routines and habits and all of the knowledge behind it all I have been collecting for two years now. I’m excited to re-take these tests in a year to see the improvements I’ve made on a cellular level!

Compounding all of the good, and acceleration towards post traumatic growth as my lifestyle is the goal I have in mind.

Then I can genetically modify my cells back to healthy and functioning for as long as I can.

One body, one life, a million opportunities to do better today with a better tomorrow in mind.

Know better, do better… don’t stop that cycle of learning and you will find yourself, literally.

-B. 💋

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