Finding Authenticity

Finding Authenticity

Finding authenticity has been a golden thread through my healing journey, and in my opinion it is part of the work.

Authenticity for the experience of my journey to whole body wellness is what I decided that this blogging adventure is all about for me.

It is about me having the freedom to share, and finding the courage to tell my authentic story, what is real for me.

It’s about learning vulnerability safely for me, it is healing for me to be able to write what I believe is important from where I stand on my journey. I know that this vulnerability has already served so many on their own paths. This is why I write.

My writings are long, short, emotional or informative- but they always provide me with an opportunity to grow and share an inside perspective of my journey and truthfully, I am building a legacy of healing ❤️‍🩹 one day at a time! One healing story at a time.

We tend to believe that healing is something that we do in hiding, and alone.

Society and ignorance have made it this way, just know that you are not alone.

I want to change the common perception of growth because no matter how messy it all feels… progress is progress and growth is a win! Take some time to celebrate, because you are doing amazing things.

One of the most important pieces is being aware of just how amazing you are. How much you have already done, and knowing that the work you are doing is going to help you feel amazing again.

One of the most vulnerable things anyone healing has ever done is ask for help.

Asking for help is one of the most potent combinations of authenticity and vulnerability! (Mark that down at the top of your grateful list if you’ve ever asked for help)!

Then keep that knowledge. The knowledge that asking for help is the right choice for you. Hold it close to you, and use it to deflect the shame, resentment or anything else that surfaces, like the colourful and various forms of stigma.

When someone seeks help slaying their personalized demons, they are almost always shamed by someone close to them, or they feel the guilt/ shame of needing help and end up being the source of their own sabotage.

Stigmatizing or projecting shame or guilt onto someone sabotages them, and what they are trying to accomplish. Don’t accept this as your truth, or let it be a belief that limits you.

When we are in a trauma response cycle we need to be reminded of how we belong and have purpose before we can even begin to rationalize a situation.

I didn’t have a diagnosis, so I was frantically searching for the answers I needed to help me help myself.

I didn’t have the capacity to process/ filter interactions while I was in crisis; and I wasn’t making it out of crisis mode very often in that stage of my healing journey.

I did the only thing I know how, I was authentic about how I felt, and that I needed help.

Succumbing to asking for help, then battling through the gauntlet of a system broke me down even further.

For a moment all my progress halted and put me into a deep spiral causing regression. It was compound trauma and I was in crisis from attempting to heal my childhood trauma mostly alone.

I was attempting this while I was in chronic pain, from mostly my bed, when I had only enough energy to shower or bath before I had to get back into bed. I was fighting for my physical and mental health simultaneously.

Healing is painful and for me it got really messy before it got better, that is simply the truth.

People who are choosing to heal, choosing to do the “work” are attempting the act of courage that changes the trajectory of their life.

They are attempting what feels like an impossible goal… the goal of feeling emotionally well and balanced in health and relationships, especially the ones that they have with themselves.

So much of the extra suffering could have been avoided if there was access to appropriate mental health support.

But it wasn’t only the system that I needed.

The system is where we go when we don’t have the support we need from our communities.

I needed support from the people that claimed they love me.

I needed to be authentically me, and be loved for my messy parts.

I needed to have my healing respected.

I needed to be allowed to be in transition from who I was to who I wanted to be.

If you are here, just note that you are good enough right now. Be who you are now, even if it isn’t who they expect you to be.

Authentically show up as you, today regardless of what anyone will say or think.

I started doing this and it changed the way I was healing because it changed the way I was thinking about myself. It helped me find authentic love for myself and establish my purpose.

Decide for yourself how you want to show up in your life and what authenticity means for you then live by that. Celebrate living by that.

It started with the decisions to heal, learn, fail fast, and live my awesome life NOW.

Don’t eggshell.

Don’t make yourself small.

If you are too much, they can go find less.

Be authentically you, the you living your highest intentions. Be the you that serves you best and stop seeking any approval but your own.

Love yourself first my friends, loud and hard and with authenticity… love yourself first and pour from your overflow.

You’ve got this!

-B. 💋

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